• DYMAT® Discs tested at University of California, San Diego

DYMAT® DISCS for Fast Construction 

A Fast Construction System

DYMAT® DISCS for Fast Construction are made of a proprietary polyether urethane known as Dyaprene™ and provide superior performance characteristics in a wide range of applications. In post tensioning applications the DYMAT® DISCS for Fast Construction are installed between post tensioned elements to allow for rotations without permanent concrete deformation – thus adding significant ductility.

DYMAT® DISCS for Fast Construction is patent pending.


  • COC provided upon request, compliant with local and federal packaging  laws
  • Material safety data sheets (MSDS) provided upon request

Product Typical Properties

Characteristic Typical Test Value/Units (US metrics)  
Hardness, Durometer D  55-68   
Elastic modulus 3800 psi  
Tensile strength 8800 psi  
Elongation at break 240 %  
Tear strength  145 lb./in  
Specific gravity   1.19  
Resilience, (Bashore) 45-50 %  



  • Used in combination with post-tensioning systems
  • Bridge bearings
  • Base isolation
  • Dynamic absorption


  • Adds ductility to post-tensioning systems without permanent concrete damage
  • Allows for structural rotations
  • Decreases overall construction time


DYMAT® DISCS for Fast Construction DATA SHEETS

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Research and Testing

DYMAT® DISCS is patent pending.