High Performance Fire and Heat Protection System

Provides Excellent Long-term Durability!


Protecting national infrastructure, private buildings or industrial facilities from accidental and/or intentional fire threats is a broad and challenging problem for the design and fire response community. Over the years several active and passive systems have been generated to achieve acceptable fire protection – each with their own limitations.  

More recently a new challenge has been recognized in the need to protect bridge cables from fire concerns. This newly identified problem presented the fire protection community with two new compounding challenges – a harsh environment for a protection system to operate and a location with limited access.   

DYMAT® has conducted an extensive R&D program and has developed a new product – DYMAT® FIREWRAPTM – the Fire Protection System (FPS) (*) – as an answer to the above challenging problems. DYMAT® FIREWRAPTM FPS is a composite product of several materials, taken from varies industries, optimized to achieve superior fire protection with long-term durability performance in harsh environments.  Developed to withstand wind, rain, sleet, snow, and cyclic temperatures and still perform in a fire, the FIREWRAPTM Fire Protection System, while originally developed for the bridge industry, has wide applications where fire protection is needed and required to perform in aggressive environments.

The DYMAT® FIREWRAPTM FPS provides superior fire protection and excellent long-term durability through the careful selection of component materials. The final product uses no intumescent materials or spray vermiculites.


(*) The DYMAT® FIREWRAPTM Fire Protection System (FPS), is patent issued in the USA and many other countries.

Product Typical Properties


Typical Test Value/Units (US metrics)

Typical Test Value/Units (EU metrics)


0.5 - 2.0 in.

1.25 - 5.00 cm


0.5 - 3.0 psf

2.50 - 15.00 Kg/m2

Roll width's

36 in. / 60 in.

90 cm / 152 cm

Critical temperature

2300 0F

1260 0C

Typical Uses & Benefits

FPS Components


Research and Testing

The DYMAT® FIREWRAP TM Fire Protection System (FPS) has been rigorously tested at private and university laboratories - both on its individual components and as a completed assembly. Testing has included high temperature direct flame exposure and testing per UL 1709 (Standard for Rapid Rise Fire Tests of Protection Materials for Structural Steel) and ASTM E119 (Standard Test Methods for Fire Tests of Building Construction and Materials). UL1709 test is the same as ASTM E119 except the temperature in the test increase to the maximum in less than 5 minutes and is a more critical test.

DYMAT® FIREWRAP TM (FPS) exposed to direct torch flame for 80 mins

DYMAT® FIREWRAP TM (FPS) Specimen Results per UL 1709 Standard time-temperature cuve, (3.5 hours+ before UL 1709 threshold was crossed)

Testing FIREWRAP TM​ System for 60 mins

NRC Floor Furnace Facility for UL 1709 Testing Standard

Testing FIREWRAP TM​ System for 60 mins furnace exposure

Undamaged DYMAT® Testing FIREWRAP TM​ System after 60 mins furnace test exposure


Bridge cables

Bridge cables application

Bridge cables application

Bridge cables

Refinery piping

Structural steel members (columns, beams, etc.)

Factory wall shielding


Chemical plant piping