DYMAT® Structural Bearings

Flat Bearings


The 3/16 Inch Problem Solver

Use the DYMAT® flat bearing in any application where a full contact bearing and a low profile is needed. In Europe, flat roof designs have the bearing on all walls at the roof to prevent cracking of roof and walls.

DYMAT® Flat Bearings consist of two layers of a special PTFE compound 1/32 inch thick bonded to 1/16 in Neoprene. The two layers are shipped together as an expansion bearing package with the edges taped together

Design & Materials


Total thickness 3/16 in Total dead plus live load maximum of 400 psi Maximum width 4 ft. Maximum length 8 ft. without splice Typical 5 in wide bearing shipped to site in roll, factory spliced to length Recommended operating temperature -40ºF to 180ºF Coefficient of friction 0.08 at 400 psi

Steel Components

ASTM A-36 or G.40.21

​​Stainless Steel

Sheet shall conform to ASTM A-240 type 304. The face of the stainless steel in contact with the Teflon® shall have a bright annealed finish

​​Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE)

100% virgin (unfilled) polymer and etched on bonding side

Specially Compounded


Elastomeric Element

Material specification available upon request

​​Exposed Steel Surfaces

All steel surfaces exposed to environment are zinc metalized 5 Mils thick to CSA G-189 or painted with zinc epoxy paint to design authority specifications

​Neoprene or Natural Rubber Elements

Material shall conform to AASHTO specifications

Typical Uses


Data Sheets


Flat Bearings - Installation 1

Flat Bearings - Installation 2

Flat Bearings - Installation 3